Garage Door Openers in Canandaigua, NY

You click the button on your garage door opener, but nothing happens. You click it again, but to no avail. You’re stuck with an opener that does nothing and a door that won’t budge. What’s next? A call to Pugsley Overhead Door Systems Llc! We’re the leading experts on all things involving garage door openers in Canandaigua, Ontario County, Bristol, Bloomfield, and Victor, NY and can set yours right in no time at all.
Garage Door Openers


There’s a lot that could be happening if your garage door openers aren’t functioning. It could be a problem with the opener itself, or an issue with the signal it’s sending. The door’s electrical system might not be receiving the signal, or the door itself might be physically unable to move. Whatever the case, the source of the issue needs to be uncovered. Our team works methodically to pinpoint exactly where the fault lies and what needs to be done to fix it.

Garage Door Openers


Opener Repair

In the event there’s an issue with your garage door openers that can be fixed, our team is happy to deliver the repairs it needs. Our experience as a residential and commercial garage door service in Canandaigua, NY enables us to provide repairs to a wide range of brands, no matter the model or manufacturer. We’ll make sure the next time you hit the open/close button, your garage door responds in an instant.


Opener Replacement

Sometimes there’s nothing to be done but to replace your garage door opener. If the solution is to outfit your garage with a brand-new opener, let us make sure you’re getting the right one, properly synced with your garage door system. Our team won’t leave until it’s tested working flawlessly!

Get Garage Door Opener Service

If your garage door openers are on the fritz or not working at all, don’t let it disrupt your life for another minute. Contact the professionals at Pugsley Overhead Door Systems Llc and get the opener service you need. We can be reached at 585-393-1170.

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